Both TYPO3 and Magento allow you to perform task on a regular basis. TYPO3 comes with the Scheduler extension and Magento with Mage_Cron. While TYPO3's scheduler comes with an interface to configure and schedule tasks, Magento does everything behind the scenes without any information disposed to the backend. Some time ago I've published the Aoe_Scheduler module for Magento that brings some of TYPO3's scheduler concepts to Magento.

Both systems had no visual output that allows you to easily check which task did run at which point and what status they had. So I've created a new extension for TYPO3 called scheduler_timeline and added this feature to my existing Aoe_Scheduler module. Both have a visual timeline view of the task executed in the past (and the Magento module also shows you the scheduled future ones). They also come with a visual collision detection that allows you the detect overlapping executions of tasks. The extensions display detail information including return messages and exception messages in a tooltip on mouseover.


TYPO3 Extension

Magento Module






(from GitHub)

scheduler_timeline (latest version)

Aoe_Scheduler (latest version)


EXT:scheduler_timeline in
TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Aoe_Scheduler on MagentoConnect


Tested with TYPO3 4.5 and TYPO3 4.6 (beta)

Will propably work with other versions aswell.

Tested with Magento Community Edition 1.5.x and 1.6.x (RC).

Will propably work with other versions aswell.


Based on Extbase/Fluid

Comes with modman configuration file for clean deployment.


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