It was about time to dedicate some time to this blog. There's so much I want to blog about but there were so many reason why I kind of stopped blogging a while ago. I'd love to blame it to being to busy or to spending more time with my family. While both of that is true the main reason was me being more excited about doing things than about writing about it. But most of all I was annoyed that it was always a big deal writing a blog post. I started hating the unresponsive WYSIWYG editors and them producing crappy markup in the first place and messing it up whenever I was moving text blocks around.

This is when I fell in love with the idea of using Markdown to write my blog posts and keeping the platform dead simple. After all I don't need multiple backend users, support for multiple languages or a build-in versioning. I actually didn't need a backend at all.

And that's when I discovered Grav. I know that there are literally hundreds of flat-file CMSes out there, but I liked Grav for being written in PHP, having a good documentation and being Open Source.

I spent a couple of evenings to customize the responsive theme that comes with Grav's blog package and to export the content from TYPO3 into static files, convert them to Markdown and import (yep, no database, so importing basically means copying...) the content into Grav.

Although a lot of content and links are still broken I decided to do the relaunch now ("Perfect is the enemy of good",...).

So, after more than 8 years of blogging and using ...

  • a custom CMS (who DIDN'T write one back then?),
  • WordPress,
  • TYPO3 with tt_news,
  • TYPO3 with a custom blog extension,
  • TYPO3 with TypoScript only

...I'm giving it another shot. And I'm more than happy with it so far...

Besides the platform I'm also changing the url. I bought the domain a while ago and never really used it. Since I switched writing the blog posts in English I felt a .de domain wasn't appropriate anymore. So now there's the domain that also matches my Twitter and GitHub user accounts...


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