Last weekend at the Photo Hack Day 3 in San Francisco I met the guys behind They had just launched their service a couple of weeks ago and after playing around with this awesome service I couldn't stand integrating it into Magento by seamlessly replacing the existing uploader. is "a full-stack engine for working with user content" basically allowing users to get files from very different sources. implements interfaces to a couple of other services like Dropbox, GitHub, Facebook, Google but also comes with a nice drag'n'drop uploader for local files and even allows you to take pictures using your webcam.

My Aoe_FilePicker module replaces the default file upload functionality and allows you to use this great service.

Download my Magento module or get it from GitHub:



After installing this module (just extract the downloaded package in your Magento root folder, or better: use modman to deploy the module to Magento - the modman configuration file is included) go to "System > Configuration > Admin > Aoe_FilePicker" and insert the API Key you got after registering to

The select the services you want to show up in the filepicker window (multiple selections allowed).

How to use it

In the "images" tab of the product edit interface you'll find a new button "Add new images" instead the default ones.

Just click it and enjoy easy file uploads using

Watch the screencast:

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