During the Photo Hack Day a couple of weeks ago I discovered Filepicker.io.

Filepicker.io is "a full-stack engine for working with user content" basically allowing users to get files from very different sources. Filepicker.io implements interfaces to a couple of other services like Dropbox, GitHub, Facebook, Google but also comes with a nice drag'n'drop uploader for local files and even allows you to take pictures using your webcam.

Some days ago I published my free Magento module Aoe_FilePicker that allows you to upload product images to Magento using Filepicker.io.

Now it's time to get Filepicker.io integrated into world's greatest open-source content management system: TYPO3.

The extension is simply called filepicker. Check it out on GitHub or download it from there:


Installation takes only a minute (you'll need an API key from filepicker.io) and then you can use Filepicker.io on all file upload fields. Without any additional configuration.

This extension requires TYPO3 >= 4.7.

Watch the screencast

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