Dear Fiona,...

this is the first picture of you on the internet. So many people are curious to see how cute you are and here you are: Sweet little Fiona at the age of two days.

We have been waiting for so long for you to be with us. Your parents, your aunt and uncles, your grandparents and even your great-grandparents couldn't wait. And now you're here, curious to discover the world around you.

You don't understand these words yet, you don't know what a picture is and you don't know what this "internet" is all about. Currently your focusing on eating, sleeping and making funny noises, but you will learn all that soon. And maybe someday you'll also be interested in some details of taking pictures and the internet :)

In a couple of years you might "google" (or whatever) for your name and you'll probably find this page in the search results. The internet won't forget. Look how cute you were back then. I bet you're even cuter by now :)

Yours, mommy and daddy.


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