Updated 2014/05/12

I love watching metrics over time and at the same time I'd like to follow where the Magento 2 code is emerging. This is why I used phploc to collect all kinds of metrics for every public snapshot of the Magento 2 code on GitHub.

For the following statistics only the code in following directories is being looked at:

  • app/code
  • lib/Mage (if present)
  • lib/Magento (if present)
  • lib/Varien (if present)

If you're interested in the raw data check out this spreadsheet.

(Status: everything up until

Please note that graphs with an area below are stacked on top of each other and graphs without are not. Also notice the multiple y-axis in some graphs.

Lines of code

Directories and Files

Methods (Static and Non-Static)

Methods (Public and Non-Public)

Classes (Abstract and Concrete)




Global access

Method calls

Attribute Access


Average Class and Method Length

Cyclomatic complexity


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