Here are some impressions from the Magento Bugathon in Los Angeles and the Magento Hackathon in Zuerich taking place March, 8th - 10th at the same time.

We got a lot of things done, had some very interesting presentations from Magento core team member and got some insight on Magento's development and testing process.

Plus, it was an awesome weekend!

The following images are taken from Twitter. Look at the Twitter hash tags #MagentoBugathon and #mhz for a full list of all tweets posted during this event and see what a fun time we had!

Group picture of the Los Angeles team

Fabrizio Branca: We've been busy #MagentoHackathon #mhz #git

benmarks: Frank discussion this AM on how eBay can continue to improve developer community involvement. #MagentoBugathon

Mosses Akizian: . @benmarks in his teaching mode - demystifying Magento views at the #magentobugathon

Nick Weisser: @sylvainraye thanking the Magento core team members at the end of a great Magento community event #mhz

Vinai: The end of a successful weekend #mhz

Mosses Akizian: Bright and early @benmarks @fbrnc @d_mod_robinson #magentobugathon

Mosses Akizian: Quirky group photo at the #MagentoBugathon XD #mhz where's yours? ;)

Mosses Akizian: It's 10pm and there's still a small group hacking away at the #magentobugathon Go Go Magento

Mosses Akizian: Taking a break playing hard core ping-pong with @benmarks @fbrnc @d_mod_robinson #magentobugathon

Mosses Akizian: Tom Stripling and JJ presenting at the #magentobugathon - Protecting your Magento Store and Extension 101

benmarks: Magento 2: now with 12% less configuration! #MagentoBugathon

benmarks: Code pools going away in Magento 2! #MagentoBugathon #YouHeardItHereFirst

Mosses Akizian: Sergii Shymko presenting Magento 2 Overview at the #magentobugathon

Mosses Akizian: . @kingletas @kalenjordan you know it #magentobugathon

benmarks: I don't have to worry about bring the smartest guy in the room, that's for sure! #MagentoBugathon

Mosses Akizian: By special request - a monitor reserved for @kalenjordan of @sweettooth :P #magentobugathon #mhz

Marco Bamert: Magento Zurich Hackathon has started! Baruch Toledano from ebay doing introduction. #mhz looking forward to it!

Mosses Akizian: Happy crowd at the #magentobugathon TAF is a top discussed topic. Everyone's happy with the latest TAF updates

Mosses Akizian: The #magentobugathon is officially on.

WebShopApps: @btoledano getting into the community vibe with @Fabian_ikono at #mhz #MagentoBugathon

benmarks: Working hard for Magento! #MagentoBugathon

benmarks: Recursing with @VinaiKopp @Fabian_ikono #MagentoBugathon

Maksym Saveliev: Actual codding at #MagentoBugathon is right about to start, here in LA!

benmarks: Tests baby tests baby 1, 2, 3! #MagentoBugathon

benmarks: We're inferring Hr. Bergmann's approval of Magento's move towards testing from this picture... #MagentoBugathon

Mosses Akizian: I spot @VinaiKopp @wsakaren @daim2k5 & Corona's ?? at the Zurich Mage Hackathon. #mhz #MagentoBugathon #MexicanFiesta

Rafael Garcia: team from @liip with Magento core team at the Hackathon #mhz

Nick Weisser: Magento release management, backup and deployment with Capistrano presented by @sylvainraye #mhz

Nick Weisser: Magento developer interview series with @VinaiKopp and @btoledano #mhz

therouv: . @Fabian_ikono talks about password security. Very interesting. #mhz

Cyrill Schumacher: Magento password hashing techniques presentation by @Fabian_ikono #mhz

Nick Weisser: having some fun with Ahmed at #mhz #ikillyou

Nick Weisser: 2nd day kicked off by @daim2k5 and @Fabian_ikono #mhz

Vinai: Unic Beer Stash discovered!! #mhz

Fabian: Stzbr time at Magento Hackathon #mhz

Nick Weisser: @tim_bezhashvyly describing 4 ways to customize a cart item at Magento Hackathon #mhz

Tobias Zander: Live testing session with @VinaiKopp #mhz

Cyrill Schumacher: Apache Solr integration into Magento. Presentation #mhz

Cyrill Schumacher: Magento Selenium Tests with @VinaiKopp using a UIMap with yaml config #mhz

Nick Weisser: @VinaiKopp explaining how to write a test with Magento TAF at #mhz

Ivan Chepurnyi: . @VinaiKopp writing his first TAF test for core team! #mhz

Marco Bamert: Magento Zurich Hackathon has started! Baruch Toledano from ebay doing introduction. #mhz looking forward to it!

Cyrill Schumacher: Magento Hackathon is starting :-) #mhz

Nick Weisser: @monocat thanks Mosses, we had a good time at the #mhz pre-party


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