Hackthons are fun...!

...and amazing projects are born when a group of passionate developers is sitting together while brainstorming, discussing, coding, eating pizza,...

Magento Hackathons already took place in different places across Europe and there are many more to come. But there is none taking place in the US. We have to change this!

In 2013 the Magento Image conference will take place in Las Vegas April 8th-10th. This is the perfect opportunity to organize a Magento Hackathon that also takes place near-by. Don't you think?

There are many beautiful places in California to discover and as you might plan to get a rental car and explore all those great places here anyway, we should plan a Magento Hackathon close to those days.

What do you think? Will you be there? What date do you prefer? The weekend directly before the Imagine Conference? A week before that? Or the week after?

Please let me know if you're considering to join us and what date would be best for your plans.

Please vote here (this is not a binding registration)


Update: Registration is open now:

Registration is done via meetup.com. Visit the event page and sign up there:



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