When I was a child I had a little blue and white colored budgie (Wellensittich). We called it "Nuvola", which is italian for "cloud", because of its colors and its (theoretical) ability to fly up high the sky. If I had seen one of those birds today I would have taken a picture of it, but of course I didn't (and I didn't expect to see one). So I kept thinking what picture to take for today's 30 day photo challenge topic. Pictures of actual clouds always look the same and in most cases they are really boring. When I left home this morning there the sky was completely covered with gray clouds.

In web development we deal with other clouds aswell. And this is what todays picture is showing: Last week we created a concept for the server architecture of a current project that will be hosted in our cloud. Our client expects very high traffic and we're planning to "make this website fly" with Varnish and multiple frontend servers. The concept was still on the whiteboard in the conference room, so I took the chance take today's picture...

And for those who expected to see real clouds I added another picture I took on my way back home:


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