Yesterday we went to our home town to visit our parents and stayed over night. My parents recently moved into a new apartment and it was somehow strange to come to their home which is completely strange to me. They kept some of my old stuff and I already took some photos that I might use for "day 6: childhood memories".

Today we had two scout meetings. My wife and I both are scouts (actually, that's how we met) and for some years now we're organizing two trainings a year for the upcoming group leaders.

So what I could/should have worn today would be a scout shirt like this one, or one of the plenty shirts that I brought home from those great souting camps we did. But I didn't. Instead I want to show you a sneak peek into my garderobe with the stuff I usually wear:

I organized my garderobe in piles. I have piles labelled "colored shirts", "white shirts","pullovers", "trousers",... And then there are two very special piles: One labelled "scouting shirts" and another labelled "nerd shirts". (Labels are only a rough guideline and only represent the position of stuff directly after having everything organized. Usually I do that once or twice a year :)

I love those shirts I get at TYPO3 community events or at scouting camps. I like wearing them because they remind me of the nice time I had at those events, the fun stuff we did back then and the nice people I met.

Checkout all my pictures for the 30 day photo challenge.


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