I planned to take some close-up pictures in a park today, but the sky was so clouded and it the rain didn't stop, so the pictures I took were blurry and dark (see picture below). I went back into the car and started taking some pictures of the interior while waiting for Janine's appointment to finish. This led me to today's picture:

We have 158150 km on our mileometer. We did not cover that distance by our own, as most of those kilometers were driven before we got the car. But if you think about it: That equals to surrounding the world four times!

Having a closer look to this fact makes me rethink if it is really necessary to use the car so often. Keeping the environmental damage including the global warming in mind (and also watching to huge amount of money this cars eats up) I wished I wasn't so lazy to choose to grab the cars keys over taking my bike so often.


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