Yesterday I stumbled over a nice project: the "30 day photo challenge". The idea is to take a certain picture per day for 30 days and to post it on a blog.

Friends and family keep telling us, that our lives will be completely different beginning from September, so that's why I'm trying to get lots of things done until then while waiting and looking forward to this little thing turning our life upside down. Besides getting things done I also want to do something I really like to do, but have neglected for so long: Take my camera from the shelf and take some pictures.

So I will join the 30 day photo challenge and will upload one image per day according to the list of the original challenge. I think this is a nice way to document how life is while we're still three (me, my wife and Menta).

This morning while still lying in bed I decided to start with the first picture right away. I took the camera and here it is: The "Day 1: self portrait".

Checkout all my pictures for the 30 day photo challenge.


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