Here is an overview of my free Magento modules with links to the blog posts describing them in detail.

You'll also find my modules on GitHub.

Aoe_Scheduler Cron Scheduler Module for Magento Aoe_CacheCleaner Removes old cache entries in your Magento instance and supports some more cache related functions. This can be run regularly as a scheduler task. Aoe_Static Make your Magento store fly using Varnish! Aoe_StaticDemo Demo extension for the Magento/Varnish proof-of-concept. Aoe_TemplateHints Advanced Template Hints for Magento. Aoe_JsCssTstamp Automatic Versioning of JS and CSS files for Magento. Aoe_AsyncCache Asynchronous Cache for Magento. Aoe_ManageStores News interface for managing website / store groups / store views. Aoe_LayoutConditions Adds "ifconfig" and "unlessconfig" to blocks, actions and references in layout xml. Aoe_DesignFallback Configure your custom design fallback level (e.g. add further fallbacks). Aoe_FilePicker Uploading product images to Magento using Aoe_FilePicker Aoe_Profiler Find out why your Magento store is so slow! Aoe_ClassPathCache Class Path Cache for Magento Autoloader


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