This blog runs mostly on TypoScript only. I liked the idea not to rely on any blog extension for TYPO3 or any other blogging system, so I created everything by myself using TypoScript whereever it was possible. Post lists and post single views including comment display, category and monthly menus, social widgets buttons and image gallery and even the rss feed - everything is done with pure TypoScript in this blog.

The only thing that wasn't possible with pure TypoScript was creating comments. I used the comments extension. It was easy to set and worked fine. But there were some glitches: When approving comments I needed to login to the backend to clear the cache and the spam protection that comes out-of-the-box is very basic. And commenters were not able to subscribe to the comments (I assume some would like to do this to follow some discussions or get notified when there is an answer to their questions in their comments).

So I decided to use disqus. Disqus is a free service that takes care of gathering and displaying the comments and comes with some additional nice features. By creating a rss feed of all comments (using TypoScript of course :) I could import all the comments to disqus within a couple of minutes. Disqus also comes with some wigdets to display the latest comments, so I replaced my previously self-made one by this widget.

While I was working on the blog I also added a widget displaying my latest tweets. I added a Google Plus button and fixed and re-enabled the flattr button. I hope everything is working and up-to-date now and I'm looking forward to see you commenting on my blog posts and using the other features.


This website uses disqus for the commenting functionality. In order to protect your privacy comments are disabled by default.

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