I wrote a (very) little extension, that enables you to use the realurl extension even if you don't have mod_rewrite available in your webspace. E.g. Hosteurope's Webpack M. It is possible to install TYPO3 incl. ImageMagick there, but you don't have mod_rewrite available. Beside the fact that your have only ftp available to access your webspace those offers are perfectly okay for low-traffic websites. But now back to the urls...

The idea is to have urls like these:
http:// www.example.com/index.php/your/normal/realurl.html

instead of:
http:// www.example.com/your/normal/realurl.html

That's not perfect, but still much better than:
http:// www.example.com/index.php?id=15&tx_myparameter_pi1[action]=doSomething&cHash=45a564e1de

Mediawiki and Magento allow to have those urls when no mod_rewrite is available and I thought this could be useful to some TYPO3 users aswell who want to host their TYPO3 website on a cheap provider's webspace.

Please try it and feel free to give feedback. You can get the extension from the TER with the extension key "realurl_withoutmodrewrite". Install the extension and make sure you have realurl installed and configured correctly. The extension itself doesn't need any configuration.


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