Die DVD-Box mit den Talks der T3CON06 ist endlich fertig und sehr gut geworden, wie ich finde :)

Auf den 4 DVDs befinden sich folgende Tracks mit einer Gesamtlänge von über 17 Stunden:

= DVD 1 ===

  1. CAMPUS T3 - A Learning Management System Based on TYPO3 (Fabrizio Branca)
  2. Creating the Ultimate Mashup - TYfresco (Reuven Cohen)
  3. How to become a trusted Government partner (Sander Vogels)
  4. Migration of (almost) all government websites to TYPO3CMS in Slovenia (Saletic Boris)
  5. A TYPO3-based publishing and collaboration enviroment for a regional development project in South America (Falk Walter, Maria Elena Alva Baldassari)
  6. TYPO3 interactions (Norman Seibert)
  7. High-availability Infrastucture for TYPO3 Websites (Luc de Louw)

= DVD 2 ===

  1. Intranet framework with ACL and BE-user-based FE editing (Jens Kristian Mygent, Sune Vestergaard)
  2. Library for Frontend plugins (Stefan Geith)
  3. Directmail - Status and Future of an eternal Beta Extension (Olivier Dobberkau, Thorsten Kahler, Stanislas Roland)
  4. Flash-Remoting with TYPO3 - Example: Interactive German Map (Stefan Bauer, Michael Fritz, Thomas Biller)
  5. Handling formstreams with TYPO3 (Rogier Hosman)
  6. TYPO3 Integrity Check and Clean-up (Kasper Skarhoj)

= DVD 3 ===

  1. Cross Media Publishing with TYPO3 (Ekkehard Guembel, Daniel Bruen)
  2. Hack-Proofing Your TYPO3 Website (Ekkehard Guembel, Michael Hirdes)
  3. Dynamic pagetree generation from an external database (Soeren Schaffstein)
  4. Hosting typo3.org - delivering perfomance and reliability (Patrick M. Hausen)
  5. JSR 170 - What is that and how TYPO3 relates to it (Olivier Dobberkau, Dimitri Ebert)
  6. TYPO3xdev - Collaborative development (Andreas Otto)
  7. It works! Presenting DBAL use in real life (Karsten Dambekalns)

= DVD 4 ===

  1. Conference opening (Juergen Egeling)
  2. T3CON06 Keynote (Kasper Skarhoj)
  3. TYPO3 Association Q&A (Kasper Skarhoj)
  4. TYPO3 - the road to Version 5.0 Phoenix (Robert Lemke, Karsten Dambekalns)
  5. Best paper and official end (Juergen Egeling)
  6. Credits (Video Team)


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